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An unfortunate post this, but being the owner of a platform like this, it’s a good voice to allow any of you to avoid loosing your money. 

As we all know, the biggest fight in British boxing it’s a week away and the streams will be coming out in full force. I personally do not see the value in £19.95 for the event, so I am not one to discourage streams. I think they are beneficial to the fans that deserve to see the fights without being ripped off. Infact I believe the more people using streams and helping the pay per view platform to die, the better.

However, one “Readzyz 2” has created a page that is scamming people off, making you think you will be getting a bargain, when in fact you will pay for a service that will disappear. 

The mastermind behind this is yet to be revealed. His Facebook page attracted huge exposure when he mentioned he would be streaming David Haye v Tony Bellew for a fee, which many complied with. Once he recevied a payment you where expected to receive a “password and username” to enter his secret portal of some sort. 

He originally advertised the price at £1, which I agree is awfully cheap, but with his page 30,000 strong of customers, that’s a hefty income to receive off the back of mugging people off. I have had various messages from people asking me if they know how to get hold of him as they have all been blocked, although I can be of no help. 

Comments through out most of his posts are all from people requesting their money back, although all are swiftly blocked and removed from the page.. with all comments being deleted. The price for the PPV’s were then increased to £3 each, still a relatively cheap price, but not considering he doesn’t own the stream we are paying for. It also doesn’t exist! 

Readyzy 2 is a scammer, and should he wish to pay back the money to everyone I am sure they would be greatful. His identity has not been revealed, although his email addresses are and the PayPal account he uses to take these funds are paid into so if you come across this page at all, stay clear. 

If anyone else has been ripped off, email us at and The Fight Diary will do it’s best to help you. After all, £1 isn’t a lot to loose, but £1 or £3 is a lot to gain when over 30,000 people are giving it to you a pop. 


  1. Adam 23/04/2017 / 8:29 pm

    I agree get this scammer out and off the page before he makes another hefty pay day off everyone


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