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Last Saturday saw one man take on the UK, and another man take on legacy. It was not Klitschko taking on the UK, nor was Joshua taking on the legacy, it was the other way round. 

Anthony Joshua had the voice of a nation riding the wave he had created, leading the way as he knocked on the door of British boxing’s fate. He wasn’t facing a future hall of fame legend, he was facing the media, the fans, the pressure and the truth. We would on this day, find out if he was the real deal.

For years you have been subject to media propaganda, telling you that Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson have formed into one and produced an untouchable lovechild. An Olympic gold medalist that can take the sport of boxing back generations and give us back the golden era.

Anthony Joshua put his career on the line and faced a man many thought was past it. This said “man” had been taken to school by Tyson Fury almost 2 years prior, but the recognition was not given and someone else needed to become the heavyweight household name.

I refer back to this “man who many pondered upon. Once the king of the ring for 10 years, the ruler of the roost in boxing’s glamour division. More knockouts than Joshua had fought rounds, Wladimir Klitschko had entered this bout an underdog that was too late to the party.

Breaking Wembley’s attendance record for a fight and also breaking British box office records, millions stopped to watch two men come together. Once again, Tyson Fury already accomplished this but was not the face to bring the nation together, although Joshua gave it a pretty good go.

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Ever since Floyd Mayweather hung up his gloves, we have yet to see anyone take his throne as the face of the sport. I’m not convinced fully by Anthony Joshua’s talent and boxing ability, although you can’t deny he is bringing back boxing to the masses.

Canelo is marketed as the money man, although to your average man on the street of British soil, his name is unknown. We have been lacking that star, and for a long time we have needed a torch-bearer for our beloved sport of licensed combat.

I was never aboard the Anthony Joshua hype train, I was never convinced on his ability and in my eyes, last Saturday was a lose, lose for him. If he had blasted Klitschko out early, we would have said Wlad was over the hill. If he had been knocked out, we would have called him a hype job. The outcome we saw and the finish we watched in disbelief, was the best outcome he could have hoped for.

Anthony-Joshua-v-Wladimir-Klitschko-Wembley-Stadium (1)Photo Credit – (@TheMirror)

Boxing has never stopped, and big fights have always happened. However for the first time in years, boxing is now at a stage where the UK will stop for one man, and everyone will know when the champion is in action.

It stops becoming the sport that will be left on the shelf to be considered violent and frowned upon, it will now be an event that thousands battle to see. Queuing in an online portal for hours, spending a minimum of 3 times the face value price of tickets and sending social media into a frenzy.

Boxing is now the sport that your mum watches, your kids watch and your friends argue about. You will get dressed up to take your Mrs to an event and you will overhear the excited public debating on “who they think will win”. Boxing is on the tip of everyone’s tongue, and this is only the start.

I feel we have been subject to institutions force feeding us lies and not allowing you to escape the Anthony Joshua propaganda machine. Don’t get me wrong, I am not now a fully fledged member of the AJ fan base, but collectively there is an opportunity for fighters to collectively to follow his footsteps and make championship boxing blossom again.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Manny PacquiaoPhoto Credit – (@SkySports)

Floyd Mayweather was a thing of brilliance. Ending a superb career with a record of 49-0. He broke records in every way imaginable. Pay per view numbers, career purses, you name it he done it. But did we really enjoy boxing when the money man was sitting on the throne?

Sure to us boxing fans, watching him was viewed as an art. Did he really have what the sport needed world-wide to captivate people globally? He was America’s biggest draw, and probably everywhere else in that case. Although he lacked the end product that many searched for. You can appreciate boxing, you can enjoy a tactical masterpiece, but you can’t deny your expectancy of a blood thirsty encounter when two people meet in the ring.

We have a small flock of fighters that are on the brink of coming together to create an era that we may not appreciate right away, but may look back on in years and appreciate how good it could possibly end up being.

gennady-golovkinPhoto Credit – (@BoxingNews)

We currently have a list of fighters that captivate a huge number of fans. Gennady Golovkin, Canelo Alvarez, Keith Thurman, Sergey Kovalev, Vasyl Lomachenko, these are just the names that come to my head. There are many more, and the list continues to grow.

One thing is for sure, boxing is in a very good place. Regardless of whether you are a fan in Europe, a fan in America, a fan in Africa or a fan in Asia, there is something for everyone. It truly is a sad state of affairs in regards to the Gypsy King as I believe he could still be the best fighter on the planet, but maybe we will never know?

Last Saturday had boxing hanging in the balance. Anthony Joshua had the world on a string, Wladimir Klitschko had the string in between a pair of razor-sharp scissors and could destroy it in a flash. Whether you wanted Klitschko to win or not, Joshua has just taken millions into a new era.

3FC1470500000578-4459300-Anthony_Joshua_knocked_down_Wladimir_Klitschko_in_the_11th_round-a-1_1493507698416Photo Credit – (@SkySports)

Excitement, electrifying and unpredictable, we are in safe hands.

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