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This article will bring you an in-depth breakdown of the upcoming ‘World Boxing Super Series’. The highly anticipated tournament will carry two major talking points. A $50 million investment worth of prize funds and the Muhammad Ali trophy. 

The only thing ever replicating anything similar was the famous super middleweight “Super Six” tournament in which pound for pound star Andre Ward left victorious in 2011. The World Boxing Super Series will work in a similar format, although the carrot at the end of the road is unparalleled to any boxing prize ever seen before.

A masterclass event being ran by Richard Schaefer and the Sauerland brothers, you can expect the biggest match ups in recent years. It will work in a knockout style format in which the looser of each fight will be eliminated from the tournament immediately. Below is an image of what you will be seeing when the tournament commences in September.


Two weight divisions have been chosen to take part in the tournament and they are both the cruiserweights and the super middleweights. The cruiserweight division has ended up with all four boxing organisations taking part meaning the winner will be crowned the undisputed cruiserweight champion.

Any boxing fan will know that the cruiserweight lineup beats anything you could possible put together in any other sport. All four undefeated champions will face four world-class opponents, two of which were former world champions themselves. Below is the quarter-final schedule for the 200lbs fighters.


  • Oleksander Usyk 12-0 (10ko’s) v Marco Huck 40-4-1 (27ko’s) Usyk’s WBO title will be on the line.
  • Murat Gassiev 24-0 (17ko’s) v Krzysztof Wlodarczyk 53-3-1 (37ko’s) Gassiev’s IBF title will be on the line.
  • Mairis Briedis 22-0 (18ko’s) v Mike Perez 22-2-1 (14ko’s) Briedis’s WBC title will be on the line.
  • Yunier Dorticos 21-0 (20ko’s) v Dmitry Kudryashov 21-1 (21ko’s) Dorticos’s WBA Regular title will be on the line.

That is a star-studded line up if ever you’ve seen one. All four of these quarter final match ups will bring pain and punishment. Usyk v Huck will make for some extremely exciting entertainment.  Marco Huck is the former WBO cruiserweight champion, reigning for over 6 years and looking to regain himself amongst the top of the crop.

Murat Gassiev is up against one of Poland’s best world champions. Wlodarczyk is the former two-time world champion, holding both the IBF and WBC cruiserweight belts throughout his illustrious career. In 57 fights, the Polish fighter has never been stopped which makes this even more interesting as Gassiev has shown us some of the most brutal knockouts in his rise to the top.

Latvian superstar Mairis Briedis has his hands full against an unknown quantity in the cruiserweight division. Cuban fighter Mike Perez has spent all of his career at heavyweight, however he recently came out of the woodwork looking incredibly trimmed down, ripped and ready to announce himself down a weight class. He showed himself to be top class at heavyweight, but a focused and motivated Perez down at 200lbs could be a world beater.

The final quarter-final of the cruiserweight division is probably the most sensational clash you could hope for. Cuban world champion Yunier Dorticos will face Dmitry Kudryashov. In both of their records combined, they have had 43 fights, 42 wins and 41 of them coming by knockout. Undefeated Dorticos has only ever seen the bell once when he was taken the distance, however Kudryashov has never seen the final bell. Someone is going to get seriously hurt, and your quids in if you lump a good sum of money on this one not going the distance.


  • George Groves 26-3 (19ko’s) v Jamie Cox 23-0 (13ko’s) Groves’ WBA Super title will be on the line.
  • Callum Smith 22-0 (17ko’s) v Erik Skoglund 26-0 (12ko’s) The vacant WBC diamond title will be on the line.
  • Winner of Chris Eubank Jr / Arthur Abraham v Avni Yildirim 16-0 (10ko’s) The IBO title will be on the line.
  • Jurgen Brahmer 48-3 (35ko’s) v Rob Brant 22-0 (15ko’s)

Moving on to the super middleweight division. These matchups are not quite up to the cruiserweights standard, but they are still very exciting. Hosting 5 undefeated fighters and 3 career world champions, its oozing with top talent.

George Groves will face off against fellow Englishman Jamie Cox with his recently acquired WBA title on the line. The pair met amicably when the draft gala took place, however Cox was not so polite in an interview afterwards. This all British clash is expected to take place in the UK.

Callum Smith will get the chance to show us if he really has what it takes to mix with the big names of the sport. Touted to be the future ruler of the division and the bookies favourite, he faces off against unbeaten, yet slightly unknown Erik Skoglund.

The winner of Chris Eubank Jr v Arthur Abraham will face undefeated Turkish fighter Avni Yildirim. Eubank Jr enters his fight with Abraham as the 1/5 favourite, so expecting the expected, Eubank Jr will be the man facing Yildirim. Yildirim is by no means a bookies favourite, however I personally think he could be a dark horse. He has looked destructive in his rise through the professional ranks and is potentially being overlooked.

Longtime German fighter Jurgen Brahmer will be coming down from light heavyweight to campaign at super middleweight after becoming a two-time world champion. He will be facing Rob Brant, who by the bookies expectancy, is the least likely to win. Brant was voted the USA’s hottest prospect.

So there you have it. The first stages of this tournament are expected to give us fireworks, and the fact that it will be 8 back to back weeks is sensational. The tournament will be all over the world, although Europe and New York have been the most talked about places to host these fights.


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