About us

We are a team of Boxing journalist’s with a love for the sport hoping to give it the coverage it deserves to fans worldwide. With non biased opinions and very strong critical voices, we hope to bring a fair platform for people to enjoy and engage with our content. We started early 2016 but have re-branded our company and changed our domain name to become suitable for all countries to recognise.

Our aim is to bring anywhere from 5-10 posts a day and to ensure we don’t miss any big news and making sure we are always up to date with new content. We are in the process of creating an app to make it an easier experience for our viewers, enabling them to receive notifications daily.

Based from Southampton but have journalist’s in various positions in the UK and we are always looking to grow our team. The inspiration behind the company and the website was from us being unable to source reports and articles regarding the small hall shows and the amateur scene. The name ‘The Fight Diary’ drew inspiration from a record I had been keeping over the years to myself, and in turn decided to channel this onto an online platform for others to read.

If you are interested in writing for us please contact – thefightdiary@outlook.com



Regards, The Fight Diary.